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The legal stay of Ukrainian citizens (and certain members of their families) who came to Poland in the period from February 24, 2022 in connection with military operations conducted in Ukraine will be extended until March 4, 2024, and in some cases until August 31 or On September 30, 2024, the act amending the current regulations was published in the Journal of Laws and will enter into force on June 27 this year.

Detailed information on special means of extending your stay can be found on the website of the Office for Foreigners:

A new way of booking visits was created in connection with the introduction of the Case Management System (MOS). It facilitates and accelerates the submission of an application for a residence permit on the territory of Poland.

The new booking system applies to:

  • Applications for temporary and permanent residence submitted via the MOS portal,
  • Applications for a long-term resident of the EU,
  • Applications for issuing/replacing a residence card.


If you want to submit an application for temporary or permanent residence

  • Complete the application in the MOS system
  • Print the application from the MOS system. Come to your appointment with a printed application.
  • Make a reservation.

If you want to submit an application for a long-term EU resident's residence or an application for issuing/replacing a residence card

  • Make a reservation .


  • Send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Each customer sends a request from his individual e-mail address.
  • 1 email address = 1 person = 1 report

In the application, be sure to provide:

  • Application type
  • Whether the application is completed in the MOS
  • First name and last name
  • date of birth,
  • citizenship
  • address of residence in Poland
  • phone number in Poland +48
  • individual email.

Here you will find the application form: Application Form.

Information about the date of the visit will be sent to the e-mail from which the application was sent. ATTENTION: information about the date of the visit will not contain the name and surname, therefore it is necessary to send the application from an individual, personal e-mail address.


It is not possible to exchange visits with another person . Only people whose details were provided in the application form will be accepted. Appointments will be made in the order in which they are received. Please be patient while waiting for a return e-mail with the date of your visit.

If you are unable to come for an appointment, please cancel your reservation via the website: - in the tab, select CANCELLATION OF VISIT. You will have to resubmit a new application.

Reservation system NOT APPLICABLE:

  • Applications sent by post - office employees will set the dates of visits for these people themselves. Please note that priority is given to applications submitted by the MOS system,
  • Applications already submitted in person or by post at the local office - do not submit a new application via the MOS system once again (the employee will reject such a reservation), wait for the authority's call,
  • Persons who have submitted an application to another voivode - in the event of a change of residence, the voivode to whom the application was submitted should be informed in writing about the change of residence address and wait for the case to be transferred to the local office.
  • Visits for families with minor children, for EU citizens and people with disabilities can be arranged through the tab "Visits for families, people with disabilities and EU citizens"
  • Receiving residence cards, completing documents for cases and obtaining information is possible without the need to book visits in advance - by collecting a ticket from the queue machine . THE NUMBER OF TICKETS FOR EACH DAY IS LIMITED.

The new booking system aims to promote the MOS portal, which facilitates the correct submission of an application to a foreigner.

If you do not want to submit an application via MOS, send it by post to the office or leave it at the Customer Service Point at the office. REMEMBER in this case the waiting time for an appointment will be much longer.

More information on the MOS portal can be found at: